Latest fuel price hikes irk CAMA

The Consumers Association of Malawi- CAMA, has described as an inconsiderate, a decision by the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority-MERA to hike fuel prices.

Mera has today Thursday, announced new fuel prices where petrol which was selling at 9 hundred 32 kwacha 30 tambala per liter, will now be sold at 9 hundred 90 kwacha 30 tambala, the same volume of diesel which was at 9 hundred 35 kwacha 40 tambala, is now at 9 hundred 90 kwacha 40 tambala.

A liter of paraffin will now be sold at 7 hundred 85 kwacha from 7 hundred 55 kwacha 30 tambala.

Reacting to the development in an interview with VoL on Thursday, Kapito, said the development is very disturbing as Malawians are already struggling to make ends meet, due to skyrocketing of prices of basic necessities.