Parliament dates Govt. on Conflict resolution in Public Universities

TheParliamentary Committee on Education has asked government to institute anotherOffice of the Ombudsman, which will specifically be mandated to handleconflicts in public universities in the country.

Chairperson for the committee, Dr. Elias Chakwera, made the proposal when he presented the committee’s report on Education, Science and Technology, in parliament today.

Dr. Chakwera said currently, cases to do with student and staff dispute in institutions of higher learning compete with the same court space with the rest of the cases, a development which delays the speed at which they are handled.

According to Chakwera, this in turn infringes on the right to education on the part of the learners, who are mostly sent home in times of sit-ins.

But Chancellor College law expert, Dr. Edge Kanyongolo, has disagreed with the committee, saying establishing a special ombudsman office to handle disputes in universities would only make matters worse.