News and current affairs

Voice of Livingstonia (VoL) Radio – News and Current Affairs Department

The news and current affairs (NCA) department is responsible for sourcing, gathering, producing and casting news that meets the holistic needs of our listener. While our news content generally emanates from trending events and issues, VoL prioritizes stories of human interest which are peculiar to localities that are usually ignored by the public media. In this regard, we are a unique broadcaster in the sense that we do not dwell too much on what is described as “big news” or “news of national interest”. Something that affects a certain community somewhere in Malawi (and beyond) is magnified and publicized by VoL so that other communities may draw lessons.

The department has a team of creative and versatile journalists who are committed and able to work under pressure. Westrive to produce fair, balanced and well researched news bulletins, summariesand highlights in 4 languages, namely: English, Chitumbuka, Chitonga andChichewa, in line with our holistic editorial policy.

George Chitaya is department’s Head and Editor. George also produces and presents programs on a regular basis, including Chuvu Ng’ondo, Pamfwiri, Bwayira la Chisora and Tipulikani. He also works as duty announcer when he is free from newsroom assignments.

His name is Allan C. Nyirenda. He is the department’s Deputy Head and Sub-Editor. Allan is a multi-award-winning sports journalist. He has a lot of passion for sports reporting. Allan also translates and reads news in Chitonga

She is Clementina Chinkhuntha. Clementinais passionate about women empowerment. She is a reporter and anchors news inEnglish and Chichewa. Clementina also presents Banambumba program.

Her name is Tawonga ‘Tizzle’Thole. Apart from her core duty as a reporter, she also anchors English news bulletins.Tawonga also translates and reads news in Chichewa.

Rhoda Msiska is the department’s Diary Manager who assigns reporters to various assignments and field work. She is a reporter, and translates/reads news in Chitumbuka. Rhoda also produces and presents Uchokoro na Uchekuru program.

Joackim Nthala is our Business and Economic reporter. He translates and reads news in Chitumbuka, apart from contributing immensely to sports news and programs.

Mayamiko Nyirenda is a reporter. She is also an English news anchor, apart from translating and presenting news in Chitonga language.