The core duty of this department is to produce and present quality programs that meet holistic needs of a listener. Building on the Synod’s mission, VoL produces informative, educative and entertaining radio programs for spiritual growth as well as addressing socioeconomic needs of all listeners.

With a team of seven creative producers and presenters, the Programs department produces and airs programs on governance, environment, human rights, business, health, food security, HIV and AIDS, education, tourism, sports and evangelism, among others. These programs are broadcast in English, Chichewa, Chitumbuka and Chitonga languages. VoL’s programs do not discriminate against people based on their religious creed, gender, age, ethnicity or political affiliation. However, our programming is deliberately designed to promote participation of the youth, women, and persons with disabilities whose voices are not amplified. The programs are need based and seek to create hope for the future among the people of Malawi.

Some of the most listened to programs include Salaula (an advertorial program for small scale business persons), Banambumba (a program that talks about issues that affect women), Pamufwiri (an analytical program of Bible), Mwaweruka uli (a phone-in greetings program), Kumtima Tutu (a phone-in soul soothing musical program), Sports Clinic and News bulletins, just to mention but a few. Sponsoring or partnering with such programs helps to build one’s business or corporate image while at the same time serving the community better.

In order enhance interaction with listeners, VoL has established radio listening clubs (RLCs) whose members are trained in the basics of radio production. Based on pertinent issues in their communities, members are able to record programs that are then to the broadcasting house for refining or editing before broadcast. The RLCs are an important tool for amplifying the citizen voice.